Thursday, October 22, 2009

3D Scan

Shaq at 28 weeks

I would like to share with you this 3D scan we took when I was 28 weeks pregnant. I had been searching for a clinic that does 3D scan with a reasonable price. I called up a clinic in Tmn Tun by reference and my goodness, they charged RM450! Obviously I did not do it.

Anyway, upon further research, I found out about Vision College in Kelana Jaya and called them up to make an appointment. They only cost a mere RM60! Unfortunately, they could not fit me in as they were fully booked. But, they offered me something else.

They asked whether I want to be involved in a 3D scan machine demonstration and don't mind being watched by 3 doctors while they scan my baby. In short they are asking me to become a lab rat. Since this is a college, doctors come here to learn about this new 3D machine. If I agreed, they would do a 3D scan on me for free, provide me with a CD and on top of that, they will give me RM30 for petrol! Huhuhuhu. I said yes, obviously.

Now that Shaqeel is born, can you see any similarity? Coz I can't.


shareena said...

wehh tak tau pon psl mende neh??kuang3x..

weween adam said...

hyee! i juz came across ur great blog here Peachy =) i was teary when i read ur birth experience ahhaha very brave of u not to opt for epidural. nywaz, my gyne was this Dr Kamaljit in Bangsar at Bangsar Woman Specialist Centre. my 3D was like part of the routine mthly chk-up. everytime check dpt 3D. tak tahu plak ada clinic charge sampai RM450! wowww!! and YES i couldnt see the similarities too hahahaa All d best in mothrhood to u peachy! =)

Baby Shaq said...

Apparently the 3D machine is expensive, sbb tu tak banyak klinik ada. The gynea I go to doesn't have it, tuh pasal kena p carik kat klinik lain hehe Thx Ween!