Sunday, November 21, 2010

Helpful Shaqeel

I'm so lucky I have such a hardworking son. He helps me around the house without being asked.

He loves to sort the books....

He also helps to rearrange the DVDs....

He even does a bit of gardening!

Thank you Shaqeel! In future if you give me all sorts of excuses when I ask you to help me around the house, I will show you these pictures to remind you how helpful you were when you were a kid.

Or, shall I show you the picture of me in the labor room? ;)

Friday, November 19, 2010

New Cousin!

Presenting Shaqeel's newest baby cousin, Muhammad Aiman Iman born 8/9/10, K Yen's baby. She has got 3 boys. Beat that!

Baby Aiman :*

Story behind his name. Brother no 1, Adam, gave the first name, Aiman. Brother no 2, Rizzqin, gave the second name, Iman. Nasib baik the names they chose are decent ones. Kalau depa pilih nama Chandler?