Sunday, October 31, 2010

Picnic at KLCC Park

This morning I woke up as early as I could possibly be on a Sunday, for a picnic with my sisters and the kids. Shaqeel was still fast asleep when I woke him up, one thing that I don't normally do on normal circumstances. But today is different. We are going on a picnic, Shaqeel!

These are what we had for food this morning. K Yen made meehoon. Riri and Pipi made homemade pizza and cupcakes. I brought drummets and drinks. Milo for the kids.

The pizza was quite impressive, I must say. The crust could be softer though. Maybe the dough needs more water? Or it needs more flour? Ahh, what do I know. I've never made pizza before. I don't even have an oven.

Anyway, the kids had fun at the park. All hell breaks lose! They ran everywhere, climbed everything, shouted like much fun! Tiring too for us adults, but luckily we had a babysitter around..

Mak Su giving equal treatment to Adam and Emma

Ahh, can't live without you, MakSu! ;)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Eat, Play, Sleep

When life is only about having fun!

This is Shaqeel's routine everyday ( Time is approximate. He's not a robot! )

8am : Shaqeel wakes up. Including weekends (I wish he would sleep in so I get to sleep in too. ) Anyway, he'll have his breakfast and then it's bath time. Very into water now.

9am : Shaqeel's play time. He has 3 boxes full of toys. One box for each level of our house.

1130am: Shaqeel's nap time. Usually he sleeps about 1 to 1.5 hr, depending on his mood.

1pm: Shaqeel's lunch. It's always rice with fish/beef/chicken and veggies. Usually it's carrots or sawi. Should be more creative and introduce other food but selalu terlupa when buying groceries. Maybe ABC pasta?

130pm: More play time for him.

4pm: Nap time again. Usually a short one. Half hour and he's done.

430pm: Play time again. In between, he snacks on biscuits or fruits (usually banana). When Emil comes back from work around 5 to 6pm, he'll point at his shoes to Emil indicating that he wants to go out for a walk. That explains the tahi lalat kat kaki Shaqeel. Suka jalan.

630pm: Shaqeel's dinner. Usually the same thing he had for lunch. Then, it's bath time.

930pm: Ahh, finally Shaqeel is done for the day and ready to dream. I still nurse him to sleep. Tell me, how do I break this habit? Or is it too late? Am I doomed?

Meanwhile, as I'm busy climbing the corporate ladder and chasing deadlines at the office, everyday he wakes up and all he does is eat, play and sleep. How fun it is to be Shaqeel, huh?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bath Time

I am proud to announce that Shaqeel now loves water! Yay Shaqeel! And Yay Me too! :)

I didn't do anything actually. It happened suddenly. One night he was still wailing when I took off his shirts. The next morning, he suddenly loved it! Maybe he overcame his fear in his dreams hehe

I didn't want to jinx it by telling the whole world about this but I think it's safe now. He has been consistently loving bath time for almost 2 weeks now, it's such a relief!

I'm lovin it!

But, the crying still persists. Now, Shaqeel cries his lungs out every time bath time ends :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Mandi Sungai

Emil's father was a member of Patikan, the MCKK class of 60 boys. Every 3 months or so (if I'm not mistaken), they will organize a get together among themselves for their class reunion and family gathering.

So, last two weeks, the get together was held in Janda Baik (Why would anyone ever name this place that?) One of the old boy has a wonderful wooden house with lawn as huge as a football field. It was located right by a small river. Just perfect!

I jumped at this opportunity to go because firstly, it was in Janda Baik and I want to bring Shaqeel to mandi sungai :)

Secondly, I love this tradition that they made it a point to gather a few times a year for casual meet ups and I want to be a part of it.

And thirdly, I love the network! These are all MCKK boys who were groomed to be someone back in the 60s. Who knows which power figure I might bump into right?

Shaqeel: Networking

Anyway, I had a good time that weekend. Shaqeel behaved well and seemed to really enjoy the cool river. The food was good. The weather was just nice and breezy.

Now, the question is, where do I send Shaqeel to school?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Shaqeel's Beach Holiday

One week after raya, we went for a short beach holiday to Pulau Redang. We spent 3 days 2 nights at Redang Beach Resort. Fairly a nice place with reasonable price considering the condition. But the beach... The beach! It was really exceptional! Clear water, blue sky, white sand and with just the perfect was fabulous!

Unfortunately for Shaqeel though, he was a bit feverish the whole time we were there. He did not seem to enjoy himself as much as I wanted him to. Oh well, there is always next time..

Till another beach holiday...