Saturday, July 31, 2010

Shaqeel Hits the BIG 1 !!

Yeay, my baby is 1 ! Syukur pada Tuhan for giving me this opportunity to become a mother to such a perfect baby :) It has been one year of watching Shaqeel grow up in front of me. Mommy doa supaya Shaqeel sentiasa gembira dalam kehidupan Shaqeel, ok baby?

What initially planned to be an intimate family do turned into a medium sized party including friends. We hosted a get together session at our house to celebrate Shaqeel's milestone of turning 1. We had home cooked food ; laksa johor, roti jala and kari ayam for the guests.

Thank you to all who came and for the presents too. Till next birthday!

p/s: Save duit Emil tak payah beli mainan for 1 year hehe