Friday, November 13, 2009

Ampang Point

Yesterday, me and Emil went to Ampang Point sans Shaqeel to buy a blanket for Pops. Pops is sleeping at our house tonight for Shahreel's wedding on Sunday. Anyway, after I was done with shopping, the salesperson ( a teenage boy aged probably around 15 ) said to me...

"Thanks, Aunty...................."

Huhuhuhu! I have to stress here that Shaqeel was not with me and I was casually dressed too. Macam mana boleh jadi Aunty ye? I thought I'm still a Kakak. Sheeeeeesh.

Note to self: Gotta spruce up my attire walaupun hanya ke Ampang Point.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Shaqeel and his Pediatrician

Right after Shaqeel was born, we were assigned a Pediatrician from Pantai Medical Centre, Bangsar. I did not like her initially because I felt that she wasn't too friendly. And she looks young, maybe in her mid 30s. Macam tak cukup experience gituh. I like old doctors.

Then, we decided to try a new Paed in Gleneagles by recommendation. I was hoping we would eventually change Shaqeel's Dr to the new one because he's old and it's also nearer to our house. This new Dr is fantastic with children. He made a lot of jokes with Shaqeel, although the one laughing is me. Hehe

Anyway, I asked him 3 questions;

1)Why does Shaqeel sound like he has blocked nose?
2)What is the bump/bruise I see on his upper arms? I freaked out a bit when I saw it the first time. It looked like a sting.
3)Kenapa Shaqeel bangun each time I put him down even though he is in a deep sleep. Haha.. nih pun nak tanya.

So peaceful. Macam ni 10 pun takpe hehe

The Dr answered:

1)That's completely normal for newborns because their airways are still small. So their breathing sounds blocked, but no need to worry yaaaa
2)Ohhh, that's the BCG marks. It's normal for the marks to look bruise like.
3)That's normal too. It's just what some newborns do. They have the startle reflex. When you put him down, he might flail his arms because he could not control it yet. The flailing arms will wake him up. The solution? Swaddling.

Alhamdulillah Shaqeel sihat. Butttttttt I paid RM463 to be told everything is normal kuikuikui

Monday, November 9, 2009


Emil likes to hold Shaqeel in this position, with one hand no less. Shaqeel looks like he's flying. Maybe you want to be a pilot one day, son? Mommy can fly for free then...hihihi

Shaq looking berkilat but he's fairer now huhu


Now I understand why some people can not stop talking about their children..huhuhu