Monday, March 12, 2012

Shaqeel's Own Room

Please pardon the flowers, I inherited that

Since the day Shaqeel was born, he has always 90% of the time, slept with us on our bed in our room, in between us. 3 of us, squeezed together, mostly me being squeezed, thank you very much. After much deliberation, (almost 2 months!), I decided that the time has come, the time for Shaqeel to be an independent boy (haha!). Furthermore, from what I read in parenting websites, the best time to separate a child from parent's bed, or to upgrade from cot to bed, is between 2.5 years to 3 years old. Perfect!

And so it began the training for Shaqeel to sleep on his own bed, in his own room...

In preparation, I bought a single bed with a giraffe bed sheet and rearranged the room to make way for the bed. Below is a summary of what has happened so far, bear in mind he has slept through the night since he was 1yr3mo;

Environment: Toilet door ajar, toilet light on, room light off, room door ajar, corridor light on, standing fan volume 1.

Day 1: Put him in bed at 930pm, he gladly climbed up, although I need to lie with him, else he won't sleep. Once he was asleep, I went out of the room (about 1015pm). He woke up at 230am crying, I went to lie with him until he fell asleep, then I left the room (250am). Woke up again at 630am, I did the same until he fell asleep at 645am. Woke up for the day at 8am.

Day 2: Put him in bed at 10pm, no resistance, lie with him. Woke up at 430am, I went and lie with him, then crept out of bed at 450am. He woke up at 7am, climbed up my bed and asked me to "tepi, tepi", he wants to sleep with me. OK.

Day 3: Put him in bed, woke up at 4am, same thing. Woke up for the day at 740am.

Day 4: Put him in bed, woke up at 415am, same thing, I lied with him until he fell asleep.

Day 5: Put him in bed, woke up at 430am, same thing.

So can you see any pattern here? He wakes up at 4 to 430 every morning, crying and looking for me, I had to lie with him until he fell asleep.

Tell me oh mothers who have succeeded, how do I break this? Any tips? Am I doing the right thing by lying down with him until he sleeps?