Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father's Day

On behalf of Shaqeel, I'd like to wish Happy Father's Day to Emil, the father of my child who has been a terrific provider; financially, physically and emotionally.

Thank you for being a hands on Dad, always helping me to clean Shaqeel's poo so I can keep my manicured fingers clean, take him out for a walk while I stay home and put my feet up, read him warrior educational books so he learns as a man he has to protect his family, putting him to sleep by just telling him to sleep (seriously, Emil just has to say "Sleep" and Shaqeel will close his eyes and eventually drifts to slumberland) .... and so much more! You have been a great family man so please keep it up hehehe

We didn't do anything special to celebrate Father's Day because I didn't get special treatment either on Mother's Day haha! Emil hinted initially asking whether we are going to do something but I said Shaqeel has no income so he can't treat you to dinner or buy you gifts. Anyway, what started as hints eventually became straight on requests to have a father's day celebration. Well, I relented and cooked him a mean Kari Kepala Ikan for dinner which is really one of his favorite dish.

So yeah, Happy Father's Day to all fathers out there. Irresponsible fathers not included.