Thursday, May 20, 2010

Picture of a Baby, Deep In Thought

Deep in thought

I really love this photo of Shaqeel.
This was taken at a birthday party of Emil's colleague's daughter.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Shaqeel and Milk

I have been fortunate enough to be able to nurse Shaqeel from birth right up to this point of his life. Shaqeel is almost 10 months old today and he has been enjoying nothing but yummy milk from Mommy ;p

I am experiencing first hand the wonderful effects of breast milk. Shaqeel is a very healthy baby, Alhamdulillah. He has not had a fever once. He breezed through teething (OK lah, baru je 2). When we vacationed to London and Paris when Shaqeel was 5 months old, I didn't have to lug around his bottles and feeding system. Very convenient!

Christmas in Paris

Having said that, I don’t belong to a breastfeeding club either. I don’t understand breastfeeding mothers who criticize other mothers who do not breastfeed due to whatever reasons they choose not to. I don’t understand breastfeeding mothers who are so passionate about nursing that they judge and put down formula feeding mothers. Sure, breast milk is best, but formula is good too! To each mother, her own ya.

For me, I absolutely love the time I spend nursing Shaqeel. It's a bonding moment shared only by me and Shaqeel. The way he looks at me with his big round eyes, the way his hand hugs my body and tickles me and sometimes slaps his little hands on my chest, the way it is the only thing that comforts him like no other... Ahhhhhhh its just the sweetest!


I’ve been diligently pumping milk since I started work 8 months ago. Always at 11am and 3pm, plus minus 15 minutes. I would excuse myself from a meeting to pump when the time comes. I’ve even perfected the art of pumping while driving hehe.

However, since I’ve started this new job that requires me to travel within Klang Valley a lot, I’ve not been as disciplined as before. I would still pump twice during the day, but the result of this inconsistency has depleted the production by a lot. Hmm....

Jadi, apakah motif cerita di atas? Adakah untuk meng-justify to myself that I want to stop pumping? Actually, yes! Hehehehe.. I give myself until Shaqeel turns 1. Then my plan is to feed him formula milk and susu lembu but also to continue nursing whenever Shaqeel is with me until he’s 2 years old, InsyaAllah.....

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Social Calendar All Packed Up!

Shaqeel is only 9 months old but he already gets invited to parties hehehe. His social calendar is so busy nowadays, he has parties to attend every other week.

Well, Shaqeel himself is turning 1 in 2 months time. I still haven't finalized anything for his own party yet. Shall it be a kids party or a get together for family and friends? Our house or our favorite restaurant or a kids' venue? If at home, do I cook or cater? I'm leaning heavily towards a very intimate do actually but this is after all his first birthday! Hmm...

Shaqeel dah besar dah.. Tak mau nangis nangis lagi kay sayang..

Anyway, while Shaqeel turns 1, Mommy turns 30!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Busy Baby

Shaqeel is sooooo active nowadays. Which is a good thing, though. He doesn't sit still for long, so when Shaqeel is busy, I am busy too! I'm always running around after him. I wonder how K Yen does it.

Often times, he will be crawling all over the house and putting everything into his mouth. Then, while busy chatting and blabbering, he'll pull himself to stand at any furniture possible.

Such a challenge to dress him nowadays

Just this evening, I was cooking his porridge, he decided that he doesn't like how I arrange the kitchen..

Please Mommy, this jar should be at the top rack

However, when he's sleeping, the house is too quiet and peaceful and I'll often wish he wakes up soon. But once he's awake and starts keeping me busy again, I hope Shaqeel goes right back to sleep :p

Tido ala katak

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

This year, I've added Mother's Day to my celebration list :) However, since Shaqeel is still a baby, I won't be getting any handmade cards or crafts yet. Maybe another 4 years time.

So, in consideration of his age and skills, the perfect Mother's Day gift you can give me, Shaqeel, is for you to sleep from 8pm until 8am tomorrow straight without asking for susu kay...Mwahhsssssss

Shaqeel who is now so active!