Saturday, May 28, 2011

Zoo Negara Adventure

We spent last weekend on a Zoo Negara trip looking at animals and such. That was my second time I think. The first time I went was 10 years ago but the zoo looked the same though.

It was quite big. We spent about 3 hours leisurely strolling around the zoo. I thought it was too long already but apparently, Riri spent 7 hours in Singapore Zoo?! Gotta admire her browsing skills.

Shaqeel was indifferent most of the time. I guess he still can't appreciate the animals yet. I, on the other hand, was excited! The lions and crocodiles were the most intimidating. I love the giraffes the most. Am inspired to find giraffe prints for baju raya. The crocodiles remind me I need to save up for my first exotic croc skin handbag hehehe....

Anyway, the zoo is so close to where we live and plus the affordable fee, we definitely will visit again.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Help Found

Shaqeel hard at work

So, we were maidless about a month before we finally found a suitable one thorugh my confinement lady. This new maid is fantastic with Shaqeel. She says she is late 30s but come on, she can't fool me with those wrinkles. I think she's more like mid 40s but it really doesn't matter. Shaqeel likes her! Which is great.

One time, I was just about to leave home with Shaqeel for dinner. He already had his shoes on and we were at the door when the maid called out for him. Shaqeel turned around, walked towards the maid and then salam her and said good-byes.

She talks a lot with Shaqeel too. One time, I heard Shaqeel sort of singing "Burung Kakak Tuaaaaa" which is definitely the maid's teaching. He can also continue counting. For example if we say "satu", he will respond "dua" If we say "three", he will respond "four". Sigh, my baby's all grown up. It won't be long before he excels in Algebra, with Atuk's tuition of course.

Anyway, all I'm saying is I have come to appreciate this help I get around the house. It is so much easier for me to just spend time and laze around with my husband and son when I don't have to bother about cleaning, mopping, washing etc. entry just for the maid.

Never in a million years would you expect that from me, now would you?