Sunday, May 20, 2012

Potty Training

When a school friend succesfully potty trained her daughter at age almost 2 years, I decided it's Shaqeel's time to be potty trained as well. I have put it off for awhile now but he is going to be 3 in 2 months time, I guess I can't delay it any longer.

So, one Friday, I told Shaqeel you are a big boy, there is no need to be wearing diapers anymore, tell me if you want to poo/pee. I also brought him to the toilet (I bought the potty seat at IKEA) every hour to do his business and constantly ask him if he feels the need to relieve himself.

It surprisingly went without a hitch. So proud of my baby!

Of course, on the first day there were 2 accidents, 1 near-miss incident and 4 underpants change in 5 hours...but all in all, it was not a stressful experience. I think the fact that he is almost 3 makes a difference. He understands things. However, I still put him on diapers at night, can't risk having the mattress wet.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Perhentian Island...

We just came back from Perhentian Island! For the uninitiated, it is located off Trengganu where it hosts the best beaches in Malaysia. Seriously, the island is so beautiful, no words can do justice...

We flew with Airasia to Kota Bharu. Shaqeel was so excited and kept exclaiming "Airplane! Airplane!" Kota Baru airport to the jetty takes about 1 hour by taxi and from the jetty to Perhentian Besar takes about 35minutes. It's a big boat so it's not bumpy at all.

We stayed at Tunabay Resort at Perhentian Besar. Very child friendly resort, 
clean chalet and yummy but pricey food (my only gripe), but what do you expect huh. They need to transport the ingredients by boat from mainland, but how come the seafood is expensive too? 

So so beautiful!

Among the many reasons why I am in love with this resort is because of the corals right at the beach. You don't have to go on a snorkeling trip to enjoy the corals, it's right at your doorstep! The resort is located beside the marine park, so you can see so many colourful fish and corals.
Sighhhh I am so in love with the island...

Shaqeel did not like the water so much and was very clingy to Emil. I really need to send him for swimming lessons soon.
Conclusion, BEST GILA!