Sunday, October 31, 2010

Picnic at KLCC Park

This morning I woke up as early as I could possibly be on a Sunday, for a picnic with my sisters and the kids. Shaqeel was still fast asleep when I woke him up, one thing that I don't normally do on normal circumstances. But today is different. We are going on a picnic, Shaqeel!

These are what we had for food this morning. K Yen made meehoon. Riri and Pipi made homemade pizza and cupcakes. I brought drummets and drinks. Milo for the kids.

The pizza was quite impressive, I must say. The crust could be softer though. Maybe the dough needs more water? Or it needs more flour? Ahh, what do I know. I've never made pizza before. I don't even have an oven.

Anyway, the kids had fun at the park. All hell breaks lose! They ran everywhere, climbed everything, shouted like much fun! Tiring too for us adults, but luckily we had a babysitter around..

Mak Su giving equal treatment to Adam and Emma

Ahh, can't live without you, MakSu! ;)

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Inty Winty said...

Kekeke Mak Su memang the best babysitter around. Emma bangun2 pagi je terus mak su mana? Amek buku, cd dan elmo dan terus ketuk pintu bilik Pipi. Gua ngan Zufri pergi breakfast. Kekeke.